Thursday, April 12, 2007


I keep trying to find a good post to start this hole thing, but all the thing I can think of are way to deep into my life that I would write a stupid long post.
A little disclaimer: This blog is not for kids =]
I'm not a kid and my problems will not be soften so they can read it (or so their mothers think they should).

So, yeah...

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I've decided to make a new blog and here it is.
My english is not perfect, but I'll post in english.
This blog has a higher purpose than my older one: No one of my friends or family will know about it. I'll post here only my depest secrets of mind, not beeing troubled about who will read it because they'll only be strangers.
I have things that I don't like charing with my loved ones, or things that my loved ones don't like that I share with them. This will be a place for me to talk these things with myself and, maybe, eventually share them with my friends or family.

The decision for finally making this blog came last saturday when I was watching the moon's Eclipse with my friends, the ideia came a lot earlier, when I had troubles I couldn't speak of to nobody. Hopefully, this will help me.

So, I decided to name this blog "Magic Moonlight" as so many thing happened to me when I was under the beautifull moon, bad things and good things.